30 years ago we started with the export of quartz and amethyst stones from the mining areas of Veracruz, there we had the first contact with marble. Marble is a mineral that does not lose its value, of extraordinary beauty, that does not degrade or devalue, and can be stored for its great durability.
SIBARIO is a company that was born in 2015 with the first own quarry, where we began the exploration, transformation and sale of MARBLE. This stone as a product of nature has been a challenge to handle, since it requires discipline and careful treatment.
The company as such is a personal project that I have shared with artisans from the Puebla region, with whom we have worked with marble at the plate, floor and small crafts level, currently focusing on the high-end construction market, in plate sale mainly.
SIBARIO is a MEXICAN COMPANY based on integrity, responsibility and trust. Those same values ​​are transmitted day by day to our team of collaborators. Since its foundation in 2015, the company has grown and evolved, with 3 of its own quarries located in Puebla and Veracruz, it has been able to have a great capacity for response and competitiveness. Having our own deposits allows us to control production, distribution and delivery, so that it is always on time and complying with quality standards.
Currently there are more than 15 collaborators and artisans dedicated to supervising and guaranteeing standardization in the stone selection processes, verification of the material to be used, as well as the cutting and finishing of the Marble.