Blanco Queretaro

It represents the purest rock within the Marble family given its composition. It is the most sought-after and appreciated among designers and sculptors, and an alternative in architectural design given current minimalist and modern trends. Ideal for kitchen countertops, floors, facades and decoration, such as fountains or tables. Both indoors and outdoors it creates spectacular spaces of luxury and good taste.

Beige Arena

Dynamic material due to its color neutrality, which can be combined in any space thanks to its different finishes such as matte, polished, unpolished, aged, hammered, buckled and sand blasted, the same for interiors, exteriors on floors, walls or columns. It is an extremely attractive material that provides a good balance between price and quality.

Negro Puebla

This fine-grained natural stone recrystallized with some white veins, with a sober texture given its color that shows elegance in the different designs where it is used, has high resistance and is ideal if you have a predilection for elegant and sophisticated environments.

Santo Tomas

In gray it is preferred by interior designers for its high resistance to humidity, durability and elegance at an unbeatable price. Ideal for various styles due to its great versatility of colors and designs.


It can be found in colors such as pink or gray jasper with different finishes such as matte, polished, unpolished, aged, hammered, blasted and sand blasted, which will give a touch of originality to your project.


Its cream hue makes it a material of enormous attractiveness and luminosity, due to its grain it fits perfectly in all types of environments, indoors such as kitchens and / or bathrooms, outdoors in humid areas such as swimming pools and / or waterfalls.



The RAFFINATO line of floors has a high resistance to humidity, a natural characteristic, its brightness and beauty make it ideal for rooms with a high degree of humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. They are also perfect for outdoors such as facades, terraces or hallways, always providing a touch of luxury and good taste. The variety of colors and finishes make them ideal for all types of construction, whether classic or modern.
It is found in 3 different measures:
. 40 X 40 CMS
. 60 X 60 CMS